Service for receiving payments in Russia

Paysto is your sales agent who will ensure for your business accepts payments in Russia with manage through the Internet:

Any payers

With Paysto, you accept payments from individuals, commercial and government companies.

Cashiers checks 54-FZ

You do not need an online cash register - Paysto issues a cashier check for every sale to an individual.

Document flow

When you sell to companies, Paysto generates accounting documents for the buyer.

Personal Area

Control of all operations: receipt of payments, payment, customer complaints, store management and order creation.

Buyer Cabinet

Each buyer is provided with its own control panel: track the status of payment, get documents for accounting and resolve conflicts.


Being a local enterprise, Paysto will ensure your business the legality of transactions and compliance with the laws of the Russian Federation.

Receiving payments with Paysto is convenient and profitable!

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Your personal account

Everything you need to receive and process payments: website connection, payment control and personnel management. In the third version, Paysto implemented: convenient work on any device, processing payments from companies, the ability to work without connecting the store and workflow to each transaction.

  • Transaction history
  • Documents for each sale
  • Work without connecting the website
  • Claims Handling
  • Built-in support through tickets
Система для приёма платежей
Payment page example

Payment pages

On the payment pages, the buyer presents all common methods of payment on the Internet:

  • Bank cards: VISA, MasterCard, MIR
  • Electronic money: Yandex.Money, QIWI, WebMoney
  • Payment from mobile phone balance
  • Bank transfers of individuals
  • Payment for companies and entrepreneurs
  • Payment for government organizations

Buyer Cabinet

Your buyer is given the opportunity to independently control the entire purchase process and have access to the necessary documents:

  • Purchase history
  • Payment control
  • Documents for every purchase
  • Filing claims for payments
History page example

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Paysto is based on the knowledge, experience, team and choice of reliable partners.

Paysto works at the intersection of technology and finance - two areas in which safety is a fundamental principle. We are a private company with vast experience and individual attitude to each client, without venture capital investments. Our business model is profit.


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Start accepting payments with Paysto

To accept payments through Paysto no website connection is required. You will be able to create a transaction immediately after registration - you will need a valid e-mail and mobile phone to receive a confirmation code in SMS.